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Service Changes - Effective August 12th, 2017.

 Monday, June 12, 2017
Service Changes - Effective August 12th, 2017.

Public Involvement and Budget

-          TANK conducted public involvement for a proposed service change, in conjunction with the budget proposal to the Fiscal Courts.  During the public involvement period, TANK staff held public meetings, informed current riders via on-bus communication, spoke to elected officials and discussed the plan at county and city meetings.  We received dozens of phone messages and emails with comments opposing these service reductions.  We also received many ideas for changes to the proposal for our planning consideration.  

-          Once the public involvement period ended, TANK staff went through all of the comments and ideas and reconciled them with the budget realities that have now been finalized by Kenton, Boone and Campbell Counties.

-          In response to public comment, some of the proposals, specifically those in Campbell County, have been adjusted. 

-          A summary of the revised and final service cuts is below.  These changes will go into effect on August 12. Visit our website at for more details.  New schedules will be available the middle of July.


·         The #11 route will be shortened and become a peak-oriented service, providing service between the north end of Ft. Thomas and Cincinnati in the early morning and later afternoon hours. The service will be geared toward meeting the needs of people that live in Ft. Thomas and work downtown. There will be no #11 service in the midday or in the evening. The route will not extend to the Covington Transit Center. Click here for a map.

#16/#20 South Newport— PROPOSAL HAS CHANGED

·         The new #16 will be rerouted to Isabella St. to better cover the area currently served by the #20. The new #16 route will serve downtown Cincinnati, west Newport, Newport Shopping Center (park & ride), St. Elizabeth Ft. Thomas and NKU. This route will operate 7 days a week and run throughout the day. The area of the current #20 that operates south of 16th St. will be eliminated. Click here for a map.

#1X - This route will now serve the Mineola Industrial Area (formerly served by the 2X route). Click here to see a map. 

#9 Taylor Mill – No change to the initial proposal

·         TANK is reducing service on the #9 route.  The new schedule will have four A.M. inbound trips, and four P.M. outbound trips to cater to the majority of passenger travel patterns.

#19X Beechgrove Express – No change to the initial proposal

·         The #19X route will be eliminated.  Nearby park and ride service is available, served by other express routes.

#17X Villa Hills Express – No change to the initial proposal

·         TANK will shorten the route at the Buttermilk Park and Ride, eliminating the Villa Hills loop. Click here to see the map. 

#2X Airport Express – No change to the initial proposal

·         TANK will simplify the #2X route to only serve areas on CVG property (Terminal 3, DHL, CVG Centre). The current Mineola routing with be slightly modified, and folded into the #1X.

#39X/#40X Hebron—No change to the initial proposal

·         TANK is coordinating with some of the large employers in Hebron to refine the schedule to better serve shift times.

·         The 39X routing will change slightly, to be the same in the AM and PM.