October 2021 Service Changes

Attention TANK Passengers, on Saturday, October 9th, TANK will start running new schedules on a number of routes. Over the last 6-months, our driver shortage and increased traffic congestion has led to a decrease in reliability, and these changes are being made to address those issues. We’ve also heard a desire to have more one-seat rides between Kenton and Campbell Counties, and these new schedules will help accomplish this by having regular “interlining” between two specific routes. 

Adjustments will be made to the following schedules: #1, #2X, #3, #5, #7, #8, #12, #16, #25, #32X, #40X, #42X. 

Visit October 2021 Service Changes to review all of the changes and time tables.

To see how your trip will change on October 9th, use the Real-Time Trip Planner on, and be sure to set the “On this day” to after October 9th.