Temporary Schedule Changes Begin April 3rd

Reminder to riders, our temporary schedule change begins April 3rd. The front of the new physical schedules say April 10th, but it has been pushed forward to the 3rd. Printed schedules are now available at the TANK Office, CTC, and Sales Office. You can also visit for digital copies of each schedule as well.

Beginning April 3rd, TANK will be reducing service frequencies on local routes and adjusting the level of service to better match the number of operators available to work.  Reducing service frequencies is not ideal, but this should result in more consistent and reliable service to our customers on all routes.

Effective April 3rd, the following routes will have new schedules, with reduced weekday frequencies.  (Weekend schedules have not changed). The span of service (time of first bus/last bus) will remain unchanged. Updated schedules with full details will be added to the TANK website in the next week.

Route 1 – Dixie Highway/Florence (30 minute all day/60 minute late night)

Route 3 – Ludlow/Bromley (60 minute all day)

Route 5—Holman Ave/Ft. Wright (60 minute all day)

Route 7 – Madison Ave/Latonia (60 minute all day)

Route 8 – Eastern Ave/Crestview Hills (60 minute all day)

Route 12—Bellevue/Dayton (60 minute all day)

Route 16 – West Newport/Ft. Thomas (60 minute all day)

Route 25 – NKU/Alexandria (30 minute all day/60 minute late night)

These new schedules will be temporary – once we are able to increase operator numbers through aggressive hiring and training, we will return to full-service frequencies.