myTANK Alerts FAQs

  1. What is myTANK alerts?
  2. myTank alerts is a system that allows subscribers to receive alerts regarding specified routes by cell phone (text message) or e-mail. Subscribers can customize alerts to only receive information regarding specific routes.

  3. How can I sign up for myTANK alerts?
  4. Click on one of the links below to enter the necessary information for a specific alert type (text message or e-mail), then follow the prompts to select the route alerts you wish to receive.

    Text Message (Standard Text Messaging Rates Apply)

  5. How do I unsubscribe from myTANK alerts?
  6. You can stop all alerts being sent to a specific email address or mobile phone number by clicking the alert type below and entering the associated e-mail address or phone number.

    E-Mail Unsubscribe
    Cell Phone Unsubscribe

  7. How do I add or remove route alerts?
  8. Route alerts are linked to the email address or phone number you provided when registering. To modify route alerts you can Update your Route Subscriptions. Enter the associated e-mail address or phone number and then follow the prompts to select the specific alerts you desire.