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Commuter Options

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Guaranteed Ride Home

Like a safety net, TANK guarantees you a ride home when you have unplanned overtime or a family emergency during your normal workday. The only qualification is that you are a member of Metro/TANK Preferred Customer Club at the time of the request.

The guaranteed ride home will be made for trips from work to home, hospital, day care facility, or school only, or to a park and ride location to get your car. This does not include trips to work if you miss your bus, for scheduled appointments during the workday, getting home when overtime is scheduled in advance, or when inclement weather forces delays in normal transit schedule.

Get Started


Join Metro/TANK Preferred Customer Club

You may join this program if you purchase a 30-day pass and complete a registration form. Forms can be obtained online, at TANK’s headquarters on Madison Pike, or at the Bus Stop Sales Outlet.

Register using this form and submit to us via mail at Guaranteed Ride Home – 3375 Madison Pike, Ft. Wright, KY 41017 or by e-mail at

After you have submitted your registration form, you are a Preferred Customer and can submit your ride share receipt for up to an 80% reimbursement of your ride.


Schedule Up To 4 Rides A Year

You can use the Guaranteed Ride Home program up to four times a year up to a maximum of $100.  The maximum for a single ride is $45.

Funded through a federal grant to promote public-transit use, TANK’s Guaranteed Ride Home will reimburse you up to four times per calendar year up to a maximum of $100. The maximum for a single ride-share ride is $45. Reimbursement is made when unplanned overtime or an unexpected emergency occurs during your normal workday. Only trips from work to home, a hospital, daycare facility, school, or to a park-and-ride facility are covered. You must be registered for the Guaranteed Ride Home program at the time you request reimbursement.

Members of this program can be reimbursed by filling out the Guaranteed Ride Home Reimbursement form and mailing it to Guaranteed Ride Home, 3375 Madison Pike, Ft. Wright, KY 41017. Be sure to include the receipt for your ride share fare with the reimbursement form.

TANK reserves the right to deny any and all requests if any of the above conditions are not met to their satisfaction.

man entering bus at park and ride

Park & Ride

TANK has an extensive network of Park & Ride locations located throughout Northern Kentucky. With so many locations, there is sure to be a Park & Ride near you. Riding TANK allows you to spend your commute time doing what you really want to do, not fighting gridlock and traffic headaches. Parking at a Park & Ride lot is FREE! 

Tax-free Transit Benefits

A transit benefit plan offers an effective and efficient solution for both you and your employees’ commuting needs. Section 132 of the Internal Revenue Code is an attractive benefit in that it lets your employees pay the cost of public transportation using pre-tax dollars, cutting their commuting costs up to 40% while saving your company the 6.20% FICA contribution, 1.45% Medicare contribution, and federal unemployment insurance taxes on every participants’ payroll each month. It is a very flexible benefit, in that no annual commitments or “use it or lose it” rules apply.

The convenience and flexibility of the program takes full advantage of the monthly benefit, allowing employees easy online access to place orders or make changes to their order at any time. Additionally, no plan documents, discrimination testing, or regular filings are required by the IRS.

A third-party administrator can:

  • Assist in establishing a plan designed to fit your company’s goals
  • Provide enrollment meetings and materials
  • Coordinate with your Human Resources department

For more information call Jenny Kammes at 859-814-2137 or email

Current Park & Ride Locations by County

Campbell County

Cold Spring P&R: 4033 Alexandria Pike, Cold Spring, KY
Village Green P&R: 7001 Alexandria Pike, Alexandria, KY

Boone County

Burlington P&R: 1751 Patrick Dr., Burlington, KY
Florence Hub: 831 Heights Blvd., Florence, KY
Hebron Lutheran Church P&R: 3140 Limaburg Rd., Hebron, KY
Mt. Zion Rd. P&R: 377 Mt. Zion Rd., Florence, KY
North Bend P&R: KY 237 at Cardinal Way, Hebron, KY

rider loading bike on bus rack

Bike & Ride

All TANK buses are equipped with bike racks for easy bike loading and unloading. TANK’s Bike & Ride program offers you another way to get around Northern Kentucky while getting some exercise and saving on high gas prices. Bike & Ride allows customers to combine bike and bus travel offering more travel options. Just load your bike on the rack provided on the front of the bus and you’re all set to go. You can now take your bike with you anywhere TANK goes.

Want to learn more about bicycling in Northern Kentucky and greater Cincinnati? Need help with commuting by bike? Check out the links below for additional information.