Fare Change Proposal

TANK is now accepting public comment on a plan to simplify the fare structure. 

Fare simplification was one of the non-service recommendations that came out of the Redesign Study. 

The goal of fare simplification is to make the system easier to use and understand, to streamline the number of products that we offer, to encourage use of the app…all in a revenue neutral environment.

With the fare simplification proposal, TANK would have one cash fare for all services and would offer a limited number of pass products.  The pass products offered would be priced at their full, convenience rate, and would not be discounted.  The Transit app would be the one place customers could use to pay for fare, purchase bulk rides and earn discounts and promotional rates.

We want to know what you think. Please choose one of our feedback options to comment with your thoughts on our proposal. The easiest way to submit your feedback is through our online survey One lucky survey respondent will be chosen at random to receive a free 30-day pass. 

Fare Simplification Proposal

 Fare Type Cost
Cash Fare (all routes) $1.50
Reduced Cash Fare (all routes) $0.75
30-Day Pass (unlimited rides on any TANK Route) $66.00
30-Day Reduced Pass $33.00
1-Day Pass (Unlimited rides on any TANK route) $3.50
 Metro/TANK (MT) 1-Day Pass
(unlimited rides for one day on any TANK or Metro Zone 1 route)
 Metro TANK (MT) 30-Day Pass
(unlimited rides for 30 consecutive days on any TANK or Metro Zone 1 route)
 TANK Transfer Free transfers through the
Transit app. No paper transfers
on bus
 Metro-TANK Transfer Use MT Day Pass or
MT 30-day Pass.
No transfers accepted.

• No other passes would be offered/sold.
• Student fare, University pass programs, etc. would remain unchanged.
• TANK would use Transit app to offer promotional discounts, buy one get one offers, etc.
Read Fare Proposal details (PDF)

How to comment   
​Take the online survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9B37K7D
In person: Tuesday, October 20 - Covington Transit Center from 10am to 5pm

Thursday, October 22 - Via Zoom at 4pm

Wednesday, November 4 - Formal Public Hearing at 4pm

Join Zoom Meeting

Call: (859) 331-TANK
By Mail:

3375 Madison Pike
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