Mobile Ticketing

No more crinkled dollar bills. No more loose change. MOBILE TICKETING IS HERE!

Transit with EZFare is a new way to pay for bus fare on your smartphone. Download the Transit app which provides the ability to plan and track your bus. Click the EZFare button at the bottom to pay for your fare! It's that simple. And it also lets you purchase fare for TANK, the Southbank Shuttle, Metro, the Cincinnati Bell Connector and Butler County Regional Transit Authority (BCRTA) all in one place.

Download Transit with EZFare.

 What are the benefits of using Transit with EZFare?

  •  Ability to plan trips, pay fare and track bus in real-time on one app
  • Works with TANK, Metro, Cincinnati Bell Connector and BCRTA for regional travel
  • Buy fare on your phone and store them for future use
  • No need to use paper tickets, have exact change or find a ticket machine
  •  Free to download – no service fee
  •  Pay for yourself or a group

Click HERE for the FAQ.