October 2021 Service Changes - Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky

October 2021 Service Changes

Attention TANK Passengers, on Saturday, October 9th, TANK will start running new schedules on a number of routes. Over the last 6-months, our driver shortage and increased traffic congestion has led to a decrease in reliability, and these changes are being made to address those issues. We’ve also heard a desire to have more one-seat rides between Kenton and Campbell Counties, and these new schedules will help accomplish this by having regular “interlining” between two specific routes. Here is a list of changes taking effect on October 9th:

#1 Dixie Hwy/Florence

#2X Airporter

#3 Ludlow/Bromley

#5 Holman Ave/Fort Wright

#7 Madison Ave/Latonia

#8 Eastern Ave/Fort Wright

#12 Bellevue/Dayton

#16 West Newport/Fort Thomas

#25 NKU/Alexandria

#32X Aero Pkwy/Burlington Express

#40X Worldwide Blvd/North Hebron Express

#42X Industrial Rd/Florence Express

To see how your trip will change on October 9th, use the Real-Time Trip Planner on www.tankbus.org, and be sure to set the “On this day” to after October 9th.