Guaranteed Ride Home

Like a safety net, TANK guarantees you a ride home when you have unplanned overtime or a family emergency during your normal workday. The only qualification is that you are a member of Metro/TANK Preferred Customer Club at the time of the request. You may join this program if you purchase a 30 day pass and complete a registration form. Forms can be obtained online, at TANK's headquarters on Madison Pike, or at the Bus Stop Sales Outlet.

The guaranteed free ride home will be made for trips from work to home, hospital, day care facility, or school only, or to a park and ride location to get your car. This does not include trips to work if you miss your bus, for scheduled appointments during the workday, getting home when overtime is scheduled in advance, or when inclement weather forces delays in normal transit schedule.

You may receive up to four free rides home in a calendar year. TANK reserves the right to deny any and all requests if any of the above conditions are not met to their satisfaction.

Register using this form and submit to us via e-mail at

After you have submitted your registration form, you are a Preferred Customer!

If you have unplanned overtime or an emergency during the workday, please call TANK at 859-331-8265 to request your ride home.