Rider Information

At TANK, we're committed to providing top-notch customer service to our passengers including providing them all the information they need to know. The right hand panel of this page provides rider information to assist you in riding with TANK.

In addition, you can view all of TANK’s routes on our system map or the system map with downtown inset more information and the route map of the downtown area.

Because we sincerely appreciate your business and hope you will ride with us for years to come, we are constantly striving to improve communication with the community. Feel free to reach out to us anytime!

  • Email: info@tankbus.org
  • Call 859-331-TANK to speak with one of our Information Specialists Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.     
    Un agente de habla hispana está disponible para responder preguntas desde el mediodía hasta las 5 p.m. la mayoría de los días.
  • Chat with us! Click the chat box on the bottom right hand corner of  your screen to speak with a live representative or leave a message outside of regular business hours.
  • Customer Feedback Form – Do you have a commendation you would like to share? A suggestion or complaint? Let us know by using the Customer Feedback Form.

Whether it’s through an email, online chat or phone call, our riders can access us very quickly allowing us to be incredibly responsive to their needs. To additionally support any questions or feedback riders may have, please review the following information that may help answer a number of frequently asked questions and comments. 

Topics include:

1.    My driver was 10-15 minutes late.

2.    Why is the real-time app not tracking the bus correctly?

3.    Please add this recommended bus stop.

4.    I witnessed unsafe driving

5.    My Operator was early therefore I missed my bus.

6.    My Operator did not stop to pick me up.

7.    I was not treated with excellent customer service.



We make every effort to be at your bus stop on time however, due to the unpredictable nature of the roads and circumstances beyond their control we may be late due to traffic, inclement weather or passengers boarding. There are also occasions when there will be extreme tardiness due to rush hour traffic or accidents that completely stop traffic. We do our best to plan for these however it is not always possible.

When a specific route is continually tardy, our scheduling department reevaluates the schedule and will update it as necessary. Any route updates are shared through social media and myTANK Alerts.


TANK uses 2 third-party applications to assist riders with real-time tracking.

The Transit App: The Transit App is a free app. It is what TANK recommends our riders use to receive LIVE updates of bus arrival and departure times. It also tracks what bus lines are nearest to your location. The Transit App “reads” the GPS antennas that are placed on our vehicles which then release timely updated information through the app to our riders.

Google Maps: Similar to the Transit App, Google Maps provides information to riders on the schedule of our routes and real-time updates. While we recommend using the Transit App (as it is available for mobile use and will soon be integrated with mobile ticketing), Google Maps has the same information and can be viewed from a desktop computer.

Please note - Unfortunately there have been recent incidents of faulty antennas. When this occurs, the app defaults to the schedule you see on the website or in our brochures. We are working diligently to remedy this situation. If you ever have questions about the timing of your route, you can always call (859) 331-TANK Monday-Friday, 6:00am-6:00pm Monday - Friday or Saturday 9:00am-3:00pm.


We always appreciate recommendations from our riders on how we can improve our 28 routes and 100+ bus stops. In fact, our Planning and Scheduling Departments are consistently reviewing each of our unique routes to determine where our needs are and how we can best service our riders.

And while many request may be ones we can currently fill, please know that in 2019/2020 TANK will be undergoing a network redesign to review populations, needs of the community, requests by individuals and the abilities of our fleet of vehicles. As we go through this assessment, your recommendation will certainly be considered and you can look forward to positive and exciting things to come in 2020.


Safety is critically important to our operation and TANK expects our Operators to work under a “safety first” policy. When we are notified of someone not adhering to this, we take immediate action. If you experience unsafe operation of a TANK vehicle, you can reach us at 859-331-TANK, email details to info@tankbus.org or fill out a Customer Feedback Form.

Also, if you or someone you know has suffered an injury or there has been damage to your property, please reach out to our Risk Manager Bob Lockman at rlockman@tankbus.org.


While there may be circumstances beyond our control that make a bus late, it is our policy that running early is unacceptable. If this is an issue for you, we encourage you to reach out to us and provide specific information (route, time of day, bus number, etc.) so we can review the route of concern.

We always appreciate when we are notified of service issues from our riders. We are continually monitoring our fleets performance which consists of 28 routes with hundred of bus stops. To provide feedback, click HERE.


To ensure a bus is running as safely and efficiently as possible, TANK does not stop at every single bus stop on the road unless it is clear there is a rider signaling that they would like to board. We also do not stop if no one has signaled to be let off at the next stop.

That said, if you are waiting for the bus to arrive, please stand clearly next to the TANK bus sign with your fare in hand so the approaching Operator knows you would like to board their bus. Waiting in your car or sitting at a nearby location, for example, will lead to the Operator assuming no one is seeking to board and they will continue driving.

Should an Operator clearly pass you when you were doing all of the above, please fill out a Customer Feedback Form. A Supervisor will review the tape of the incident in question and conduct an investigation accordingly.


Safety and customer service is our #1 priority. Our sincerest apologies that you were provided poor customer service.This is not something we tolerate from TANK employees.

You may fill out a Customer Feedback Form if you would like. A Supervisor will review the tape and take proper action in regards to the situation.