Holmes H.S. #5 AM - Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky

5 - Holmes H.S. #5 AM

Holmes H.S. #5 AM


Cities: Covington


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Holmes #5 AM

Benton at White

Benton at Phelps

Monte at Benton

Monte at Rose

Monte at Janes

Hanser at Highland

929 Highland

Highland at Emery

Highland at Rays

Highland at Benton

Highland at Franklin

19th at Howell

Holman at 19th

Holman at 18th

Holman at 17th

Holman at 16th

Holman at Linden

Holman at 14th

Holman at 13th

Holman at Martin Luther King Jr

Holman at Robbins

Holman at Pike

8th at Russell

8th at Washington

8th at Madison

Scott at 9th

Scott at Robbins

Scott at 11th

Scott at 13th

15th at Greenup

Scott at 16th

Scott at 17th

Scott at 19th

Scott at 20th

Madison at 20th

Madison at Wallace

Madison at Sterrett

Madison at 24th

Madison at Catalpa

Madison at 25th

Holmes High School