TANK Plus - Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky


TANK Plus is a flexible, on-demand way to get around town, curb-to-curb. Instead of fixed bus routes, we’ll use smaller vehicles like minibuses that you can call up when you need a ride, either through a phone app or a call center. It’s all about making your transit experience more personalized and convenient. The specific type of microtransit we plan to implement with TANK Plus is called Dynamic Flex.

Benefits to You:

+ Easier to Get Around

TANK Plus helps us reach places that regular buses might miss, making it easier for you to get around, especially in areas where buses don’t usually go.

+ Pick Your Ride Time

With TANK Plus, you can request a ride whenever you want, wherever you are. No more waiting around – it’s all about making your travel time more efficient.

+ Smarter Use of Resources

By using real-time data, we can send vehicles where they’re needed most. This means less traffic, shorter rides, and better use of our resources to keep costs down.

+ Connect to Your Destination

TANK Plus is great for those short trips, helping you connect from big transit hubs to your final destination. It’s like solving the puzzle of getting you where you need to go without needing your own car.

More info coming soon!

More info coming soon!