Holmes H.S. #8 AM - Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky

8 - Holmes H.S. #8 AM

Holmes H.S. #8 AM


Cities: Covington


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Holmes #8 AM

Decoursey at Church

Decoursey at E 39th

Decoursey at E 41st

Decoursey at E 42nd

Decoursey at E 43rd

Decoursey at 44th

Decoursey at E 45th

45th at Huntington

Huntington at 41st

Huntington at 39th

Huntington at E Southern

E Southern at Lincoln

Southern at Church

Caroline at Tibbatts

34th at Caroline

34th at Graff

34th at Beech

Southern at Clifford

Southern at Rosina

Southern at Watson

Latonia at Southern

Latonia at 28th

Latonia at Madison

Madison at Alexandria

Madison at Ashland

Madison at Rosina

Madison at Iowa

Madison at Birch

Madison at Rogers

Madison at Decoursey

2725 Madison

Madison at Holmes High School

Holmes High School